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Then and Now
by Mindie Burgoyne

ISBN: 0738553122
PRICE: $19.99
Published by Arcadia Publishing
Then and Now series

REVIEWS of Easton, Then and Now

Released November 23, 2007
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Book Description:

Named Easton in 1788, the principal town on Maryland's Eastern Shore grew to be its center of government and commerce.  The images in this book chart Easton's transformation into Maryland's eastern hub for the arts, culture, and entertainment, revealing the town's treasure trove of Victorian and Colonial buildings, historic streetscapes, and the oldest Quaker meetinghouse in the United States.

Chapters include:

  • The Court House Square

  • Public Services

  • Easton's Economy

  • Faith, Home, and Hospitality

  • The Ghosts of Easton

Each page contains an historic photo of Easton juxtaposed against a current photo image of the same site showing how Easton has changed and remained the same over the last century.

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Review by Jack Shaum
Staff Writer for The Star Democrat

December 21, 2007
Easton, MD

How many times has someone said to you, "I remember that," or "When my grandmother was growing up, she did thus and so?"

Recalling what once was is a lot of fun for many people, and it's being made even easier through an ongoing series of books published by Arcadia Publishing that feature old photographs of specific places or long-lost ways of life.

Then and Now Easton, by Mindie Burgoyne, offers a fascinating look at life in the Talbot County seat in a series of 168 photographs that depict locales and individual buildings as they looked 100 years ago with how they or the sites where they stood look today. It highlights the successes of the historic preservation movement, showing how some old structures have been adapted for modern use.

Take, for instance, the former Ebenezer Methodist Church, built in 1856, and now serving as a combination office and auditorium for the Historical Society of Talbot County. Or there is the site of the former BC&A Railroad station, which has been converted to an industrial and commercial area with the old rail bed now an access road. In another instance, a building that began life as a bank is now a church.

Drawing on the resources of a number of local libraries, museums and other sources, Burgoyne has provided vintage photographs, capturing for posterity what life was like in a less hectic time. The modern photographs are from her camera.
The book is divided into five chapters: The Court House Square; Public Services; Easton's Economy; Faith, Home and Hospitality; and The Ghosts of Easton. It is a testament to a town with a rich heritage.

Easton, Then and Now by Mindie Burgoyne

This is the second time that I have taken an illustrated, sightseeing tour through a small colonial town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It was as informative and absorbing as my first tour of an Eastern Shore town with Mindie Burgoyne’s book, “Snow Hill.”

I grew up in Maryland, just north of Washington, D.C. and we always thought of Maryland as being in two parts: where I lived and east of us somewhere was the Eastern Shore.

We never knew much about the Eastern Shore except that we thought that it was old, “behind the times” and on the other side of the Chesapeake Bay. And so it was, in a quiet but elegant sort of way. Now, through Ms. Burgoyne’s books, I’m learning more about the Eastern Shore that now rises as a gem of Americana, quite preserved in its simplicity and its modest grandeur.

The authenticity of this book rests upon Ms. Burgoyne’s extensive, personal research in the accumulation of archival and cotemporary photographs, plus her research of facts for her editorial comments. In Ms. Burgoyne’s hands, these photographs and facts make this book a truly historic document. I would certainly recommend “Easton, Then and Now” to anyone interested in the Eastern Shore of Maryland and to anyone who would like to take a stroll through a historic part of colonial Maryland that has changed “Now,” since “Then”…but not that much.

Antonio Granados,
353 Snowball Dive
Levittown, PA 19056

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