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Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales

Crisfield Haunted Tales - from the Nabb Folklore Collection

These tales from Crisfield, Maryland were collected by Salisbury University Folklore student, Cathy Strine in the spring of 1984. They are currently stored in the Nabb Research Center at the University.

Note from Ms. Strine: This tale was told by Linda's father and one other man I talked to.

There was a man who was a faithful church-goer and who also believed in ghosts, witches, and the sort. Because he was such an active church member, none ever questioned him about anything, but just believed everything that this man said.

This man had gone on a gunning trip several miles from his house. While he was walking along, he found a coat that had been washed up on the sand. He was so glad that he found this coat because that night it was very cold. Soon he became sleepy, and lying down on the sand, covered up with the coat to protect himself from the storm. He soon fell asleep.

All of the sudden, the strangest thing happened. The coat flipped over and left the man exposed to the storm. He woke up and pulled the coat back over him. He did this only to find the same thing happen to him several more times. Finally, the man removed the coat from himself because he was convinced that because the coat would not remain on him, it had to be the ghost of a droned sailor who was re3moving the coat.

The man took the coat, threw it on the sand, yelled, "Take you old jacket!" Then he pulled the jacket back over himself, went to sleep and was not bothered the rest of the night.

Note from Ms. Strine: This was told by Linda's father also.

One night, a lady's husband went out to sea. While he was gone, his wife had a quilting party with some friends. During this quilting party, the door opened by itself. The negro, who was t3ending the fireplace, closed the door once more. In a few seconds, the door opened again with the same big bang as before. The negro closed the door again, but the same thing happened still another time. The woman looked at the negro and said, "I thought you closed that door twice. Ain't you make sure the latch is closed?" The negro answered, "I did Ma'am, but it keeps coming open."

Next, the woman attempted to close the door herself, but it would not stay shut until she put a piece of furniture in front of the door. The next day she got some very bad news. Her husband had drowned the previous night. She called a carpenter to fix the door, but the carpenter told her that there was nothing wrong with the door. The woman had a strange feeling every time she thought about the way that door kept opening by itself.

Fifty years later, the woman visited a relative in Annapolis, During that visit, she visited a fortune teller. The fortune teller looked at the woman, went into a trance, and said, "You are from Crisfield. Your husband drowned many years ago and his spirit tried to warn you of his approaching disaster by coming home; he did this three times which were the three times he came to the surface of the water, but when you barred the door, he went down the final time and drowned."

the woman was amazed at how the fortune teller knew who she was and circumstances surrounding her husband's death. The mystery followed the woman to her grave and to this day has never been explained.

Note from Ms. Strine: Three teenagers that I spoke to told me this tale.

It is said that Thomas Daugherty's spirit haunts young people who come to the cemetery late at night. Young people go to the cemetery to "make out" and a long time ago when a couple visited the cemetery for that purpose, the male left the car to get rid of a beer can that he had. Instead of throwing the can in a trash dumpster, he put i on top of Thomas Daugherty's tombstone. Before he could turn back to head for the car, the beer can began to spin and spin on top of the tombstone and finally, after a minute or so, dropped to the ground.

To this day, people say that this still happens when they put a beer can on the tombstone.

Old shanty (now gone) on Jenkins Creek in Crisfield

..... more of these stories are featured in
"Haunted Eastern Shore" - written by Mindie Burgoyne - published by History Press.

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Haunted Eastern Shore by Mindie Burgoyne

Haunted Eastern Shore
Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake
by Mindie Burgoyne

ISBN: 1596297204
PRICE: $17.99
160 Pages
Published by History Press
Haunted America series

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Book Description:

They walk beside the murky waters of the Chesapeake Bay, linger among the fetid swamps and roam the manor halls. These are the tormented souls who refuse to leave the sites of their demise. From pitiless smugglers to reluctant brides, the ghostly figures of the Eastern Shore are at once terrifying and tragic. Mindie Burgoyne takes readers on a spine-tingling journey as she recounts the grisly events at the Cosden Murder Farm and the infamous legend of Patty Cannon. Tread the foggy lanes of Kent Manor Inn and linger among Revolutionary War dead to discover the otherworldly occupants of Maryland's most haunted shore.

Haunted sites mentioned in the book include:

  • Cecil County - Holly Hall, Old Bohemia, Mitchell House

  • Kent County - Cosden Murder Farm, White House Farm, St. Paul's Cemetery & Bridge, Kitty Knight House

  • Queen Anne's County - Bloomingdale, Kent Manor Inn

  • Caroline County - The Tale of Wish Shepherd, The Murder Sallie Dean, Athol - a Child's Ghost in Henderson, Willson's Chance

  • Talbot County - The Lost City of Dover, Whitemarsh Cemetery, The Wilderness, Tunis Mills Hanging Tree

  • Dorchester County - Shoal Creek Manor, Patty Cannon's Trail of Tears, Suicide Bridge, Green Briar Swamp & Big Lizz, Tales From Down Below

  • Wicomico County - The Ghost Light Road

  • Worcester County - Cellar House, the Snow Hill Inn

  • Somerset County - Ananias Crockett's House, Holland's Island, Vance Miles House.

Tales include narratives given to Salisbury University Folklore students thirty years ago, describing hauntings, ghosts and legends of the Eastern Shore.

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