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Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales

Two Haunted Tales from Somerset County, MD

The Nabb Center at Salisbury University has a collection of folktales that are transcribed oral commentary from people all over Maryland ... commenting about Maryland. I chose these few excerpts from collection about hauntings in Somerset County. It is likely that details are inaccurate, because this is folk commentary. But the tales are interesting.

Informant was Harry Hall of Oriole. Commentary was given October 9, 1972

There's a house in Venton on Black Road and everyone who has ever lived there has heard noises, and one thing that was heard all the time was a horn that sounded like a horn blowing through a keyhole. My parents lived there and they had an old colored man who lived with them too. They were always hearing voices in the hall that sounded like a man with a wooden leg. The colored man said that an old white man used to come to the foot of the bed and asked him what he was doing with the white folks and then he disappeared.

My parents were always getting scared and sometimes had to go to my grandparents' house. My mother was always complaining to my father in her sleep. They'd see door knobs turning.

There was a cemetery on the farm. It was over-grown with trees and everything, and there was a rumor that there was Spanish gold hidden in there. When my aunt was a little girl, she and her girlfriend went digging for the Spanish gold in the cemetery and they dug up a little girl and her head was in the middle of the grave. It looked as if she was buried alive, and her hair had kept growing, and was all over the grave. That night those girls got scared and started screaming and their bedroom was facing the graveyard, so my parents had to change bedrooms with them.

After my parents moved away, my aunt and uncle moved in. One day while my aunt was cleaning she heard beautiful music and they didn't have a record player or a radio or anything. They say that other people living there have heard strange noises too. They took a stick of dynamite and blew a big hole in the cemetery and it's still there and when the house burnt down some people say the saw a bride and groom running out of it.

Informant was Joan Bromhall of Salisbury. Given June 19, 1973

Red Rickets and I (Joan Bromhall) were fixing up Teakle for the candlelight ceremony. I said, "Boy, it's scary in here." I then went down to the cellar and said it was eerie down there. And Red said, "Don't tell Maudy but I come in here to clean the house twice a week and I know I'm not alone. Please don't tell Maudy."

There's a picture of a man in the drawing room. The man once had a beard and mustache, now touched up on the picture. People who see the picture say, "Oh, he frightened me." Then someone took it down and put it facing the wall in the hall. I asked Red why they did that and she said that too many people complained about he picture. I say the man is Aaron Quimby, a man who once owned Teakle, but no one knew what he looked like.

Comment from Patricia Balazs who collected the commentary from Ms. Bromhall .... It was about nine in the evening, with only the collector and informant present on the back porch on Valleywood Drive.


TEACKLE MANSION located in the Town of Princess Anne in Somerset County, MD

..... more of these stories are featured in
"Haunted Eastern Shore" - written by Mindie Burgoyne - published by History Press.

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Haunted Eastern Shore by Mindie Burgoyne

Haunted Eastern Shore
Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake
by Mindie Burgoyne

ISBN: 1596297204
PRICE: $17.99
160 Pages
Published by History Press
Haunted America series

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Book Description:

They walk beside the murky waters of the Chesapeake Bay, linger among the fetid swamps and roam the manor halls. These are the tormented souls who refuse to leave the sites of their demise. From pitiless smugglers to reluctant brides, the ghostly figures of the Eastern Shore are at once terrifying and tragic. Mindie Burgoyne takes readers on a spine-tingling journey as she recounts the grisly events at the Cosden Murder Farm and the infamous legend of Patty Cannon. Tread the foggy lanes of Kent Manor Inn and linger among Revolutionary War dead to discover the otherworldly occupants of Maryland's most haunted shore.

Haunted sites mentioned in the book include:

  • Cecil County - Holly Hall, Old Bohemia, Mitchell House

  • Kent County - Cosden Murder Farm, White House Farm, St. Paul's Cemetery & Bridge, Kitty Knight House

  • Queen Anne's County - Bloomingdale, Kent Manor Inn

  • Caroline County - The Tale of Wish Shepherd, The Murder Sallie Dean, Athol - a Child's Ghost in Henderson, Willson's Chance

  • Talbot County - The Lost City of Dover, Whitemarsh Cemetery, The Wilderness, Tunis Mills Hanging Tree

  • Dorchester County - Shoal Creek Manor, Patty Cannon's Trail of Tears, Suicide Bridge, Green Briar Swamp & Big Lizz, Tales From Down Below

  • Wicomico County - The Ghost Light Road

  • Worcester County - Cellar House, the Snow Hill Inn

  • Somerset County - Ananias Crockett's House, Holland's Island, Vance Miles House.

Tales include narratives given to Salisbury University Folklore students thirty years ago, describing hauntings, ghosts and legends of the Eastern Shore.

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