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Blogging for Business & the New Marketing and PR - February 14, 2012

Seminar for Business Owners and Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources, and Executive personnel

WYE MILLS - On February 14, 2012 from 10 a.m. to noon, Chesapeake College will offer a two–hour training seminar focused on a new marketing and public relations tactic that defies most traditional models for business.  Travel writer and social media expert, Mindie Burgoyne will demonstrate how to use blogging platforms, generate blog content, get followers, optimize search engine results, and put a personal "face" on a company that can engage today's customers and the media. "Blogging is about joining the conversation, interacting, learning, and leading customers into your world."

Burgoyne, who runs three successful blogs, will make blogging practices the technical focus, but will interweave skills on how to interact with customers, and become a part of their conversation.  Attendees will learn that blogs are a marketing tool best used to engage the public rather than sell directly.  The best bloggers draw customers into communication, and those customers create buzz and drive more traffic to company websites. Additionally blogs help build customer profiles and provide insight to the latest sales trends in the market.

"The days of getting wide media coverage by sending sterile press releases to media outlets are over" Burgoyne states. "And, while spending money on marketing and advertising is still important, it's no longer enough to just state your good news.  A company must listen more than it talks.  Blogging provides the platform for that." 

Blogging is not just for tech companies, on-line sellers and tourism

Burgoyne imparts the uncomfortable truth that blogging isn't a marketing tool only for companies who primarily serve an on line customer base. "All your customers are on line now" Burgoyne emphasizes. "Farmers, construction workers, watermen - once thought to be dinosaurs when it comes to technology– are buying fertilizer and equipment, checking weather trends and tracking competitors on line." Burgoyne will show how manufacturers, retailers, pharmaceutical companies and service industries (accounting, plumbing, electricians) are using blogs to attract customers, get referrals, and positioning themselves as opinion leaders in their fields. 
By the end of the two-hour session, each attendee will have an overview of how to start a blog, create content, define a publishing schedule and use additional social media platforms to accelerate building a following.  Burgoyne will also provide information on resources both online and hard copy that can assist in helping bloggers in the first few months.


Blogging for Business – the New Marketing & PR

DATE:    Tuesday, February 14, 2012
TIME:    10:00 AM to 12 noon
PLACE:  Chesapeake College - Wye Mills Campus
COST:    $49
REGISTER CONTACT: Marci Leach 410.827.5833 mleach@chesapeake.edu

Course outline found at http://www.writingthevision.com/bloggingforbusiness.htm



Ireland Tour a Great Success

May 30, 2011 -Mindie Burgoyne in association with Tenon Tours sponsored and led a trip to Ireland's mystical sites in the south and east. The Thin Places Mystical Tour of Ireland held May 15 - 24 was a huge success. Guest started the tour in Dublin visiting Newgrange and the Hill of Tara, then participated in an Irish House Party with live music. Addition stops included Kildare, Cashel, Ardmore, Kinsale, Cork City, Beara Peninsula and Dingle. Photos to be posted soon. Next year's tour will focus on the West of Ireland and will be held in May of 2012.Read more at the Thin Places Tour website or on Mindie's new travelblog Travel Hag.

New Travel Blog Launched - The Travel Hag

March 15, 2011 - In an effort to consolidate her travel writing, Mindie Burgoyne has launched a new blog called Travel Hag - specifically focused on travel suitable for older woman who may not be skinny and always energetic.  Sites cover historic small towns, mystical places, and outdoor activities such as camping and kayaking.  While Mindie's focus is on Maryland and Ireland, she will also include posts on Maine, Savannah, Salem, Connecticut, Outer Banks, and the Blue Ridge Mountains this year. 

She's also launched the Travel Hag facebook fan page which will allow for interaction with other .... well ... hags.


Social Media for Retail Session added at Chesapeake College

October 14, 2010 - Chesapeake College has added a "Social Media for Retail" training session for October 21st from 9:00 am to 12 noon.  Course will be taught by Mindie Burgoyne and cover uses for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to advance a retail businesses.  Cost is $49.  Call Marci Leach to Register - 410-827-5833 or mleach@chesapeake.edu.

Haunted Tour Added - Halloween

Halloween Bus Tour – Haunted Eastern Shore – October 31, 2010
Sponsored by Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, MD – Tour Guide is Mindie Burgoyne

MARION STATION, MD (October 13, 2010) – Chesapeake College has just announced a Halloween Ghost Tour - the third in a series of bus tours across the Upper Shore. This ghost tour will focus on East Dorchester County and include sites associated with the Eastern Shore's two most famous ghostly characters - Big Lizz and Patty Cannon. The tour includes sites in Reliance, Vienna, Elliotts Island, and Greenbriar swamp, and will be led by author, Mindie Burgoyne who wrote the popular book, Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake.

Full Release ...

WEBINAR – Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to Grow Your Business or Brand ...WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2010 – Sponsored by the Maryland Dept. of Business & Economic Development

Social Media expert, Mindie Burgoyne will offer a training session on using three social media platforms to grow a business or brand to a group of employees from the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) in Baltimore. The training event is scheduled for Wednesday, August 11, 2010 from 11:30 to 1:00 pm. DBED will steam the event live on the web so businesses all over Maryland (and the world) can take advantage of the training for free.

The link to access the training is

Full Release

Social Media Boot Camp
EASTON, MD (July 7) – Mindie Burgoyne will offer an all-day session on how to use social media platforms – specifically Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogging – to grow a business, brand or organization. The focus will be developing a huge network, word of mouth advertising and techniques for making all the platforms work together in a time frame that busy business people can work with. Read Full Release

Caroline Ghost Tour 

Mindie Burgoyne, author of Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake will guide guests on a tour of haunted sites in Caroline County on Sunday, July 18, 2010. The tour will cover over 80 miles and include the haunted properties of Patty Cannon in Reliance, Linchester Mill in Preston, the Riverside Inn in Greensboro, Denton Cemetery, and the Denton jail where people today still claim to see the ghost of Wish Sheppard sauntering through the corridors.

The tour starts and ends in Denton. Guests will first gather at the Caroline Museum of Rural Life where Burgoyne will give a 30 minute presentation about the sites on the tour. Then guests will board a luxury tour bus and follow a trail that includes the Caroline jail (pictured above), the Denton cemetery where the unrestful ghost of Marshall Price has been known to dance on his “west-facing” grave. Then guests will travel to ..... full story and downloadable flier.


June Newsletter copy online


Join Mindie Burgoyne and tour over 24 mystical sites in Ireland's southern region including Cork, Kinsale, the Beara Peninsula and Dingle.  $1999 - land only.  Seating is limited.  Read full details.

ShoreWoman Magazine, published by Delmarva Media Group has a feature article about Mindie Burgoyne in the April 2010 issue. Excerpt reads:

"By 5am most mornings, Mindie Burgoyne is stationed at computer in an upstairs office in her Somerset County home.  She has to start early if she's going to manage to be an author, social networking consultant, blogger, economic development expert, tour guide, wife, mother and grandmother all in one day."

download pdf of full article

CITY OF CRISFIELD GHOST TOUR - FEB. 21, 2010:  The small waterfront town of Crisfield, Maryland will be the site of Mindie Burgoyne’s first haunted tour. Burgoyne’s successful book, Haunted Eastern Shore drew so much interest from ghost hunters and ghost-story lovers that she has agreed –at the request of her readers - to do a ghost tour. She chose a location out of her book - the town closest to where she lives - Crisfield. This tour will feature the two Crisfield sites mentioned in Haunted Eastern Shore – the Ananias Crocket House and the Ira Todd House - as well as McCready Hospital, the Corbin Library and several private homes in the Crisfield area. Additionally, the tour will offer personal testimony from a Crisfield home owner who experienced paranormal activity in her hundred-year-old home. ....full release.


HAUNTED EASTERN SHORE LECTURE / TOUR SERIES TO BE OFFERED AT CHESAPEAKE COLLEGE:  Next Fall, Mindie Burgoyne will be presenting the Haunted Eastern Shore Lecture and Tour Series at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills, MD focusing on Upper Shore sites featured in her book, Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake

Three sessions begin with an evening lecture on September 28th where Burgoyne will speak on the history of haunted places in Kent, Queen Anne's, Dorchester, Talbot, and Caroline Counties, as well as share various haunted tales associated with those sites.  That September 28th lecture session will be followed by two lecture / tour events where registrants will hear a short lecture followed by a bus tour of the sites.  Those sessions are scheduled for October 9th for Kent, Queen Anne's and Caroline Counties and October 23rd for Dorchester and Talbot Counties. 

For information on how to register, contact Marci Leach (410) 827-5833.

VIRAL MARKETING SESSIONS TO BE OFFERED AT CHESAPEAKE COLLEGE: Mindie Burgoyne will be presenting all three Viral Marketing Sessions both in the Spring and Fall semesters at Chesapeake.  For specific dates and times, see Where's Mindie?  For information on how to register, contact Marci Leach (410) 827-5833.

VIRAL MARKETING SESSIONS OFFERED AT ALLEGANY COLLEGE:  Mindie Burgoyne will be doing three Viral Marketing Sessions at Allegany College in the coming year.  Session I will be presented on March 18th, Session II on April 15th, Session III on May 13th.  For information on how to register, contact Becky Hadra at 301-784-5338.

SECOND PRINTING:  Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake sold out its first printing in six weeks.  Second printing will be available to stores by December 2nd.

Event in Easton on Friday the 13th at the start of the Waterfowl Festival.  Mindie Burgoyne pictured here with Patti Hambleton of Easton.  Hambleton assisted with the research for Haunted Eastern Shore.  The News Center, located in the Talbottowne Shopping Center has sold more copies of the book than any other retail outlet in Maryland.  Haunted Eastern Shore sold more copies that Dan Brown's Lost Symbol in its debut month at the News Center.

AMAZON.COM & BARNESANDNOBLE.COM REPLACE STOCK:  Both major on-line booksellers have replaced their depleted stock of Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake, however, History Press is running low on the first print run.  Will History Press go to reprint before the holidays???

Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake has been featured in 8 newspapers / magazines, covered on one television network, 6 radio stations, and 11 in-person book signings.  Mindie Burgoyne attributes this to the enthusiasm started by the Facebook Fan page and over 2100 fans spreading the word.
NEWSPAPERS / MAGS:  Cecil Whig, Star Democrat, Caroline Times Record, Dorchester Star, Dorchester Banner, OC Dispatch, Crisfield Times, Maryland Life Magazine.
RADIO STATIONS: (MTS Broadcasting) 100.9 FM  106.3 FM 107.1 FM (Public Radio Delmarva) 90.7FM 89.5 FM and 2BoomerBabes 96.7FM.
TELEVISION STATIONS: WMDT Channel 47 - Halloween Coverage.
BOOKSIGNINGS: Book Cellar (Queenstown), Cecil County Hist. Soc., Joie de Vivre (Cambridge), Kuhns Jewelers (Salisbury 3rd Friday), Harrison Street Book (Easton), Market Street Pub (Denton), Haunted Tales Candle-lit tour (Denton), Barnes & Noble (Salisbury), News Center (Easton) and Bishops Stock Gallery (Snow Hill) - Where's Mindie for dates and times.

Online reviews can be read at these links:
Dorchester Star - Gail Dean
SlavensSays ... a Delmarva Blog
HUB Pages - Reviewer Dolores Monet
Amazon.com - 3 Reviews to date

All Maryland books stores and retail outlets previously stocking Haunted Eastern Shore are either sold out or running very low.  Phone calls to stores indicate there are less than 40 copies for sale in the 22 retail outlets stocking the book.  All stores claim the book was flying off the shelves. Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com were both out of stock or backordered.

Jen from the News Center in Easton, Maryland states that her store sold over 100 copies of Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake in the month of October.  It was the top seller in the store - brought sales for the store above last year for the same month ......and ..... OUTSOLD DAN BROWN'S Lost Symbol in its debut month.

November 6th - 2BoomerBabes Radio Station appearance
Podcast can be heard at this link

November 1st - Haunted Eastern Shore Facebook Fan Page hits 2000 FANS
The Haunted Eastern Shore book has its own Facebook Fan Page (can be accessed by public - do not have to be a Facebook member) hit 2000 Fans by Halloween.  Mindie Burgoyne ran a contest to give away 3 copies of the book in drawings among all fans in the fan base hit 2000.  By midnight, October 31st the fan base had hit 2011.  Burgoyne attributes the massive coverage on the book to the Fan site.

October 31st - HALLOWEEN - Book Signing at Barnes and Noble in Salisbury
Mindie will sign copies of Haunted Eastern Shore at the Barnes & Noble store in North Salisbury. 

October 30, 2009:  Book signing at the Haunted Tales Candle-Lit Walk in Denton
Mindie will be at the Caroline Museum of Rural Life in Denton (2nd and Gay Streets) to sell and sign copies of Haunted Eastern Shore just prior to the Haunted Tales Candle-Lit Walk - an escorted ghost walk in Denton.  Meet her at the museum at 6:30 - 7:30.  Tours leave at 7:00pm and 7:30 pm.

October 30, 2009:  Booksigning at Market Street Pub in Denton 12 - 2 pm
Mindie Burgoyne will be at the Market Street Public House in Denton on Friday, October 30th to sell and sign books.  Event is sponsored by the Caroline Office of Tourism.

October 29, 2009:  Appearance on MTS Broadcasting 100.9 FM  106.3 FM
107.1 FM
Troy Hill interviewed Mindie about her book, Haunted Eastern Shore and questioned her particularly about the sites in Dorchester County.  Additional questions included how she researched the book, what drove her to write it, and how she chose those particular sites that are featured in the book.

October 29, 2009:  Viral Networking Seminar for the Electric Cooperative of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.
Mindie offered Session 1 of her Viral Networking sessions to a group of communications professionals at the Electric Cooperatives of MD, DE, and VA Annual Conference held at Harbourtowne Resort in St. Michaels.

October 24, 2009:  Book signing at Harrison Street Books in Easton
Mindie signed copies of Haunted Eastern Shore in Easton.  19 of 20 books were sold. Mindie also sat for an interview by Grek Maki of the Star Democrat.

October 23, 2009: Interview on Public Radio Delmarva  90.7FM and  89.5 FM
Jenni Pastusak interviewed Mindie about her book, the sites included and how she came to do the research.  This interview was part of the membership drive and two signed copies of Haunted Eastern Shore were awarded to the first 2 callers pledging during Mindie's interview.  Public Radio Delmarva is located at Salisbury University. 

October 19, 2009:  Mindie addresses the Historical Society of Cecil County and their Annual Meeting. 
Mindie attended and spoke at the Historical Society's annual meeting at the Chesapeake Inn in Chesapeake City.  There were over 70 in attendance, many that came specifically to hear her speak.  Mindie described her methods for researching the book Books were sold and signed afterwards.

October 15, 2009:  1500 FANS
Jimmy Colbourne became the 1500th fan on Haunted Eastern Shore FAN page.  Book continues to sell remarkably well.  The Facebook fan page has spread the news rapidly about book signings, availability and speaking appearances.

October 10th - Book signing in Cambridge

Joie de Vivre - Cambridge - 10/10
Above:  Book signing at Joie de Vivre Gallery in Cambridge on 10/10.  Left.... Mindie with Mary Calloway of Cambridge Economic Development.  Middle.... Mindie with Steve Mills (a fan from the Facebook Fan Page).  Right.... Joy Loeffler of Dorchester County Economic Development, Joy Staniforth - owner of Joie de Vivre, and Mindie.

October 5, 2009:  1000 FANS:  Susan Goode Hopper became the 1000th fan on the Haunted Eastern Shore FAN page. Facebook has proven to be a remarkable marketing tool for this book.  Local bookstores up and down the Eastern Shore have run out of the copies they ordered in the first five days.

October 2, 2009:  Viral Networking Seminar for the Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA)
Mindie Burgoyne offered Session 1 of her Viral Networking sessions to members of the Maryland Economic Development Association at Anne Arundel Community College.

October 1, 2009:  Haunted Eastern Shore is released. Three days after its launch, Mindie Burgoyne signed copies of the  book Haunted Eastern Shore, Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake at the Book Cellar in Queen Anne's County

Book Cellar - Queenstown - 10/3
Mindie Burgoyne with Jean Fabi (left) and Faith Elliott-Rossing (right) at the book singing at Book Cellar in Queenstown, MD. Jean and Faith are both from the Queen Anne's County Office of Economic Development, Agriculture and Tourism.  All but two books were sold and signed and many Friends from the Facebook Fan Page attended.

September 28, 2009: Speaking Engagement with the Maryland Writers Association, Baltimore Chapter
Mindie Burgoyne provided a talk on "Social Media techniques for Writers" at Ukazoo Books in Towson, MD.  Writers from Baltimore region learned how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and blogging to promote and sell their work.

September 5, 2009:  Haunted Eastern Shore Facebook Fan Page launched garner 80 fans in its first 24 hours.  Become a FAN here and share stories of Eastern Shore haunted sites, as well as get a sneak preview of content in Mindie's book Haunted Eastern Shore; Ghostly Tales From East of the Chesapeake.

September 4, 2009:  Viral Networking Session II held in Easton with over-capacity group of 45.  Session went into depth on how to use Facebook and LinkedIn to market small business.  Talbot Chamber of Commerce, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development and PNC sponsored the event. 

September 1, 2009:  Viral Networking Seminars continue to be well attendedViral Networking Session I held in Easton on August 25th exceeded capacity having 43 in attendance.  Seminar focused on the basics of using social media - particularly Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and blogging - to promote a business, cause, organization or brand.  Session II is scheduled for September 3rd and is already at max capacity of 40 registered attendees.


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