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10 Tips for Travel to Ireland



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10 Tips for Travel to Ireland

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Social Media Seminars

Session II - Using FaceBook and LinkedIn - the basics for leveraging these social media networks to grow your business or brand  (2 hours)

Viral Networking Session II is a STRATEGY session for using Facebook and LinkedIn. While the role of social media in growing your business is briefly recapped, the main thrust of this session is an in-depth presentation on how to leverage the Facebook and LinkedIn social networks you've created to bring about result.

This is a good session for those that have signed on to LinkedIn and created a Facebook page, but don't know what to do next. Facebook PAGES and GROUPS are briefly covered as well as GROUPS and ANSWERS in LinkedIn.

"Mindie's session at the Bay to Ocean Writer's Conference opened up a new world for many of the people in attendance. I have some knowledge of the subject matter, and the session provided many pointers and helpful hints that I did not want the session to end. There were many questions from the audience because they wanted to know more and more and more. It was an excellent session."
~Rick Barton - Caroline County Administrator / Writer (Ranger Rick)

See where Mindie is presenting Social Media Seminars.


I. REVIEW - the Basics of Social Media

II. REVIEW - Networking vs. Marketing

III. 3 Rules of Success for Using Social Media to Grow Business or a Brand

IV. FaceBook vs. LinkedIn - Similarities and Differences

V. LinkedIn Basics

  • 21 Ways to Use Linked In
  • What to write in the Status Bar
  • Using LinkedIn Applications
  • Using LinkedIn to "add" to Your Network
  • LinkedIn as a Recruiting Tool / Hiring Tool
  • Using LlinkedIn Groups
  • Using LinkedIn Answers
  • Finding New Connections
  • Targeting a Demographic.

VI. FaceBook

  • FACEBOOK LAYOUT - What's What? - Profiles vs. Pages
  • FRIENDS - Who should you "Friend", When to "Ignore." How to 'Hide" and "De-Friend".  FRIEND FAQs.
  • STATUS BOX - What to write?  How often?
  • GROUPS - What are they?  How to Manage.  Creating and Managing Groups
  • PAGES - Creating Pages, leveraging the power of Pages. Pages vs. Groups.
  • EVENTS - Creating and Managing, Keeping Momentum Going, Coordinating Events with Groups and Pages
  • APPLICATIONS - Networked Blogs, Birthdays, Boxes
  • Samples of Good FaceBoook Profile Pages
  • FaceBook Practices - What Practices ARE and ARE NOT helpful to growing a business or a brand.
  • Building Relationships in Facebook
  • Refining Your Network
  • Leveraging Your Network

VII.  Managing Time For Social Media

HANDOUTS - List of links for tutorial sites, and hints for using social media effectively.

See Workshop Outlines for Session I and Session III.
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Viral Networking - Private Consultation

SPECIALIZED WORKSHOPS - Several groups have asked to have the Viral Networking sessions geared towards a specific group.  Each of these specialized sessions offer the same principles as in the general Viral Networking Session I, but with a specific focus on using social media for that specific niche.  Mindie Burgoyne will research the niche prior so that the information delivered is pertinent.

  • Viral Networking for Writers
  • Viral Networking for Communications Professionals
  • Viral Networking for Destination Marketers
  • Viral Networking for Volunteer Organizations and Non-Profits
  • Viral Networking for Human Resources Professionals

Please inquire about having a Viral Networking session with a special focus for your group or audience.

See where Mindie is presenting Social Media Seminars.

FEES:  Fees for attending seminars are set by the host.  Mindie will book directly with the host and work out the specifics for fees.  Please contact Mindie for further information.



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