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What are Thin Places?

10 Tips for Travel to Ireland



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Book Review: 1000 Places to See Before You Die

10 Tips for Travel to Ireland

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Thin Places
Mystical Tour of Ireland

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Social Media Seminars

Mindie's Personal Success With Social Media
In February of 2009, Mindie Burgoyne joined Facebook and LinkedIn.  By March she was on Twitter.  Within three months she received seven paid offers for writing as a direct result of using social media. By April she was teaching others how to use social media platforms to grow their businesses.  By October, when her book Haunted Eastern Shore was launched, she had over 1000 fans on her Haunted Eastern Shore Facebook fan page (now up to 40000) and the book sold out its first printing in five week. She later received requests to do "ghost tours" and booked her first ghost tour on the Eastern Shore to a sell-out crowd last this past February. 

More ghost tours are on the horizon as is a tour to Ireland's mystical places scheduled for May 15 - 24, 2011.  Her fan base on Facebook is over 8000, and she's booked her 50th "Viral Networking" session training business people on how to use social media to grow business, and has given the presentation to many groups customizing it to the needs. 

"The training was excellent. Mindie provided a no-nonsense, non-technical approach to a complicated, technical topic. I left the program with tangible ways I can incorporate viral networking to my business’ marketing strategy as well as to my clients."
~Carol D’Agostino, Founder,
Purple Cat (PR firm)

See where Mindie is presenting Social Media Seminars.

Viral Networking Social Media Training Sessions show others how to use social media to grow business.
Mindie developed a technique for using social media that she calls "Viral Networking."  She shares this technique that has made her so successful as a writer, an economic development professional, tour guide and teacher in her Viral Networking seminars

List of Clients - have hosted social media training with Mindie
Electric Cooperative of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia - conference training
Eastern Shore Writers Association Annual Conference 2010 and 2011
Eastern Shore SHRM - Training session for HR Professionals
Upper Shore SHRM Network - Training for HR Professionals
Eastern Shore Volunteer Network
Maryland Economic Development Association - Social Media Training Session I
Queen Anne's Office of Economic Development - Training Sessions I and II
Worcester County Economic Development - Training Session I
Somerset County Economic Development - Training Session I
Crisfield Chamber of Commerce - Training Session I
Caroline County Chamber of Commerce - Panel discussion on social media
City of Cambridge Economic Development - Training Session I and II
Talbot County Chamber of Commerce - Training Session I and II
Maryland Writers Association (Baltimore Chapter) - Social Media for Writers
Maryland Writers Association Annual Conference 2010 - Social Media for Writers
MDDACET (Maryland Community College Assoc. for Continuing Ed. & Training)
Kent County Delaware Convention and Visitors Bureau - Training Session I and II
Chesapeake College, Training Sessions I, II, and III, Social Media for Retail
Allegany College of Maryland - Training Sessions I, II, and III
College of Southern Maryland - Training Session I
Fountains Wedding and Conference Center, Salisbury, MD - Social Media Boot Camp
State Farm Insurance - Conference Training
Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development - Training Session I
Shore Leadership - Training Session I
Verizon Maryland Consumer Advisory Council - Social Media Overview
Salisbury Arts & Entertainment District - Social Media for Retail
Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce - Social Media overview
Nelson County VA Economic Development Authority - Training Session I
Rotary District 7640 - Conference 2011 - Social Media Overview


"Social media should not be used to directly market - that is, specifically promote a product or brand.  You don't get on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and start advertising you product.  Instead social media can be a platform for "virtual networking" - the same as personal networking only on line.  Once you build a relationship through social media, you can leverage that relationship to create a buzz about your company, product or cause."  ~Mindie Burgoyne

"Mindie Burgoyne’s Viral Networking presentation was very timely and extremely informational. Learning how to use the social media I was already using on a daily basis to promote my work was eye-opening." ~Marsha Wight Wise, Author

Training is divided into three two-hour sessions.

Viral Networking Session I - covers the basics of using and understanding social media platforms, and understanding the potential for having information go "viral". The session covers how to leverage your social media network to create a buzz about your brand and grow your small business. The "big 5" social media platforms are discussed - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and blogging.

This is not a "how to build a Facebook page" class .. it's more of a "how to strategize" with social media to get results.

Viral Networking Session II - recaps the role of social media in marketing, with in-depth coverage of the Facebook and LinkedIn social networks.  This is a good session of those that have signed on to LinkedIn and created a Facebook page, but don't know what to do next.  Facebook PAGES and GROUPS are briefly covered as is GROUPS and ANSWERS in LinkedIn.

Viral Networking III - very brief recap on the role of social media for marketing a brand with in-depth coverage on Twitter and basics of YouTube and blogging.  This session is for savvy internet users.  In order to understand the content covered, attendees should have:

  • Visited blog sites with an understanding of what a "blog" is.
  • Viewed videos online
  • Set up a twitter account

Review will include how to build a targeted Twitter network, Helpful Twitter applications, Twitter Lists, How to track your competition with Twitter.  Also included in the session is a review of launching a YouTube Channel for your company, setting up a blog and good blogging practices that will help company growth.

"Don’t get left behind. Get together with Mindie Burgoyne. Social Media is here and Viral Marketing is happening every day. Everyone from business owners to community groups to congregations are using social media to promote events, discuss meetings and advance their message. Mindie will guide you along a new communications path where you are guaranteed to encounter many of your friends and a most likely a few of your relatives."

Gregory J. Kelly
Member Services & Business Development Director
Central Virginia Electric Cooperative

SPECIALIZED WORKSHOPS - Several groups have asked to have the Viral Networking sessions geared towards a specific group.  To date two targeted sessions are also available:

  • Social Media for Retail - Learn how to leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to grow and support a retail business. Also discover ways to use social media to compliment direct marketing efforts such as, ad copy, press releases, and promotional materials. Mindie Burgoyne will share tips on how maximize the use of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube developing them into tools to grow a retail business.
  • Social Media for Writers - includes a focus on using social media to further success as a writer, editor or author, connecting with agents, researching, interviewing and promoting through social media.
  • Social Media for Communications Professionals - includes a focus on using social media to further competencies as a communications professional, including public relations and marketing.
  • Social Media for Human Resource Professions - includes a focus on how to use social media platforms to recruit and hire, as well as information on what staff should be using social media and how to manage the use of social media inside your corporation.
  • Social Media for Destination Marketers and Travel Writers - includes a focus on how to form a network that will support marketing a specific location or destination, and how to make connections that will lead to sources of information for researching specific destinations.
  • Private Consultation - one-on-one session with Mindie on how to build your own social media network and leverage it for business or organizational growth.  See more on private consulting

Please inquire about having a Viral Networking session with a special focus for your group or audience.

FEES:  Fees for attending seminars are set by the host.  Mindie will book directly with the host and work out the specifics for fees.  Please contact Mindie for further information.



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